about me



My name is Nero and I'm a freelance professional 3D generalist for feature films and series.   I started working full time professionally in 2013 and have never stopped since.

My strength is that I can perform a lot of different aspects in the 3D production pipeline, from modeling all the way to rendering and compositing.

Another big part of why I'm an interesting profile is that I know how to script/program.

I've written various pipeline tools ranging from interfacing with production planning software like Shotgun/Ftrack/Kitsu to the tools artists use in their software package to make their life easier and save the production time and money.

My technical skills don't just stick to the scripting/programming side of things.

On the IT side of things I've converted an entire studio to a Linux environment by myself as well as set up an entire Deadline render-farm from scratch.

You could say I'm sort of a Swiss army knife for animation/vfx studios.

I'm looking forward to hearing what I can do for you.